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High value manufacturing

Some of our clients in this market

Private sector

  • Bosch Rexroth
  • Cambridge Biomagnetics
  • Closed Nuclear Cities Partnership
  • DZP Technologies
  • Energimaster
  • GE Aviation
  • Intelligent Fingerprinting
  • Isotera
  • LG Motion
  • Lumejet
  • Macsa
  • Mark-O-Print (a Weber Marking Systems company)
  • National Graphene Institute
  • Porvair
  • Smart Architects
  • Spline Gauges (a Danaher company)
  • Swarraton Partners
  • Toshiba Research
  • Xaar
  • Ultradrops
  • Unilever Ventures

Public sector

Where we can add value

It is generally accepted that high-value manufacturing (HVM) creates value from turning ideas into products and services, and in today’s globally competitive landscape manufacturers have become inventors, innovators, global supply chain managers and service providers. Qi3’s extensive experience of testing innovative product and service ideas in target markets, guiding product development programmes, and launching products has helped a wide range of these organisations achieve outstanding commercial success.

We have worked with small start-ups and academic institutions on a range of innovations in energy sustainability, printing, and materials to identify target markets and develop entry strategies that will enable commercial exploitation within limited timescales and budgets.

With existing HVM companies, we have helped them update their value proposition, refocus on changing customer needs, identify new market opportunities, and refresh their market strategies to ensure continued commercial success.

Qi3 tailors its extensive experience and methodologies to the needs of each project, and we regularly review publications in this field in order to support our customers with current best practice and new approaches in thought leadership. Our methodologies and services include:

Contact Robin Higgons or call +44 01223 422404 to discuss your organisation’s particular needs and how Qi3 may be able to assist.


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