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Qi3 has an extensive track record in helping our clients, ranging from start-ups to major corporations, successfully exploit and commercialise software, communications technologies & IT.

Rapid changes in the landscape of operating systems, the impact of increasing processing power on simulation, modelling and diagnostics, new business models such as “Software as a Service”, and the “Internet of Things” are all providing major market opportunities and challenges which Qi3 has addressed for clients. If you are looking for new software check out bespoke software development in UK.

Applications of Communications & IT technologies impact numerous market sectors, for example, antennae can be found in mobile phone networks, computing devices, transport, home metering and medical devices. Geo-distribution and replication of data is a growing need, and IT security is a major threat to large corporations and individuals alike.

We are particularly interested in the business opportunities offered by ‘big data’, and combinations of data from a variety of sources.  We have applied this in commercial applications of space data and imaging, surveillance and pattern recognition.

Our knowledge of technical projects in the scientific computing arena and extensive involvement with CERN, RAL, ESA and other institutions gives us particular expertise in for example utility computing (“IT on-demand”), convergence & Integrated Platforms. We are practiced in the development of business cases for adoption of traditional and emerging IT technology and services in space and instrumentation related applications, e.g. the use of distributed/cloud computing or Software as a Service (Saas) in Earth Observation monitoring, or integration of Location based Geo systems in the private sector.

Qi3 has assessed numerous business plans and developed market strategies in these areas, and is able to rapidly identify the most promising market segments which will adopt these emerging technologies and applications. The methodologies we deploy alongside our extensive knowledge bank include:

Contact Robin Higgons or call +44 (0)1223 422404 to discuss your organisation’s particular needs and how Qi3 may be able to assist.


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