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Qi3 is a leading provider of marketing and business development services for the UK space industry and associated organisations, enabling our clients to consistently grow in UK and European space markets. Our ‘hands-on’ approach to the full marketing cycle – from first commercial assessment of a preliminary product concept right through to establishing the in-house operational sales team – reduces business risk by basing investment decisions on expert-researched, in-depth market knowledge.

We have specific experience in Earth Observation/Remote Sensing; Integrated Applications; Space Exploration and Space Science, plus the more traditional areas of telecoms; broadcast, and mobile satcoms. Our experience encompasses upstream space technologies and downstream applications of space in institutional and commercial settings.

Our sector knowledge and industry and academic contacts are constantly refreshed through our work with both private and public sector clients.  These include the European Space Agency; UK Space Agency; Centre for Earth Observation Instrumentation; Natural Environmental Research Council and the Electronics, Sensors, Photonics KTN in the public sector and Selex, Astrium, Starpoint, Xcam, Lockheed Martin in the private sector. We also have experience of marketing processes in both large space organisations such as prime contractors, and in various types of high-growth SME.

Our active involvement keeps us aware not only of the nature of space markets but also the various funding streams available for technology development.  We have, in fact, been very successful in matching growing companies with the funding they need to ease the financial burden of early stage development.

We organise many events on behalf of clients.  These often focus on opportunities from large public investments in space, aerospace etc., and provide networks in which organisations of all sizes can engage with leading companies and researchers on cutting-edge development programmes.  Events may also explain funding calls, with which we can provide pro-active, independent engagement expertise.

Whether you are a company seeking to enter or grow your presence in the European space market, an organisation seeking synergies between your activities in space and non-space markets, or a government agency seeking an independent source of support in the space domain, contact Robin Higgons to learn more about Qi3 in space or call +44 01223 422404.


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